Is God speaking directly to you through the Pandemic?

The truth about what’s going on in the world has triggered confusion, doubt, and disbelief. Has God forgotten about us, did he send the Pandemic to get our attention, and will there be an end to the panic and fear of what’s to come?

The newsworthy stories about celebrities’ are becoming less interesting, and although the beloved American professional and college football seasons are fastly approaching, the headlines seem to point to a less entertaining conversation and to take the vaccine or not keeps some of us awake at night.

I have to say that it does speak to seeing a different side of humanity, one that showcases the vulnerabilities and caring for something more than themselves, their money, and their power. Surely everyone should know by now that the composition of the world has changed, and the world as we once knew it has switched its focus to caring a little bit more about what is happening to others.

No one knows the exact message that God wants us to extract from this, and certainly, we don’t know exactly how God’s perspective of the pandemic looks from heaven. Some people believe vehemently that the pandemic was sent by God as a message, while others blame China and some other mad scientist. But what we know for sure is that God allowed it!

What does this crisis mean to you personally? Have you self-reflected, and do you now feel a personal duty to slow down for a moment to think about where you fit into the spectrum of this calamity? People’s mental and emotional processing varies from one person to the next with a range of emotions from aloof and unemotional to panic and trepidation.

But what’s the actual game-changer is what you feel in your gut, the feeling that you can’t shake, the foreboding that something really bad is on the horizon. Then you must stop, self-evaluate, and know that it’s not in your mind, it’s the reality that God is speaking to you. If you know that something has changed internally for you, something that wasn’t there before, instincts that lead you to talk to God? Embrace those feelings, and know that God is speaking to you, and about your journey, and only you can answer the call.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

This isn’t a coincidence, and taking advantage of this opportunity to consult with your creator is pivotal in getting to know God as your Savior and Lord. It’s all in the message, and better yet an exclusive message just for you.

Proverbs: 2:1-5 My son, if you receive my words and treasure up my commandments with you, making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understand; yes, if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

Be Blessed.

Author: Discovering Prudence

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