The Dangerous “Power of Suggestion” (The war on the mind)

The conundrum of “What if.” The crazed evil foreboding that haunts the best of us with the fear of the unknown is the “Power of Suggestion” that can be a game-changer. Have you ever been alone, looking forward to a few moments of relaxation when out of the blue, as if it was actual reality, fear forces itself into your mind, and body, with vivid pictures of you or your loved ones in horrible situations?

Those invisible words can ruin your day and follow you to sleep at night and well into the next day, like a heavy sack of potatoes. That’s because the quiet and dangerous “power of suggestion” can be just as damaging as actual spoken words, or written words on a page. It’s how the devil illegally invades your mental and emotional territory, stomping on your peace and attempting to take dominion over your joy.

Understanding what happens when the devil attempts to shake up your day and avoiding the pitfalls, and forcing him to retreat is vital to winning the war on the mind. It’s territory-specific, and only recognizing and pushing the devil back into his den of lies allows you to enjoy the mental peace that God intended for his people to have.

Merriam-Webster defines forebodings as an omen, prediction, or presentiment, especially of coming evil. The Bible establishes evil forebodings as an oppressive presence that attempts to force gloomy vague feelings onto your psyche that something terrible is impending, even when it isn’t. All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances]. Proverbs 15:15

Joyce Meyer brought light to what “Evil Forebodings” were in her 2013 article. God revolutionized what its intents are through her teachings, and how powerful your mediation with God is, which is precisely why the devil’s bold attempts to occupy your mind and spirit before it communes with God is an incredibly intrusive measure that is easily remedied. Joyce skillfully explains the battle of the mind, and why it’s the go-to attack for the devil. In my research and study, I have found that It’s the very assail that science calls anxiety, the unpalatable and uninviting presence that seeks to choke out your happiness, peace, and trust in God. It attempts to oppress you, leaving the residue of gloominess and panic of things less likely to happen, and forces you to interact with trepidation and angst of dreaded possibilities.

The Bible reminds us that the devil’s primary existence is to rob us of the benefits of life and salvation through Christ. 1 Peter chapter 5:7-9 says that we should be aware of the propensities of the evil one whose principal purpose is to dominate your mind because the mind is where every battle is won or lost. Science and medicine have explained how anxiety and depression medication can help those of us who suffer from mental and emotional conditions, and yes, this is very real. What science and medicine can’t explain is where it is derived and why it occurs. God, on the other hand, is the creator and lifter of our heads. He has created us and knows how to give us what we need to walk in peace and enjoy life’s benefits. Mainly because most of what the devil attempts to torment us with is a result of our own bad decisions, something or someone we interacted with that we weren’t supposed to, or in some cases forces us to relive moments where we were victimized, assaulted, or suffered a loss.

Fleeting peace robs you of the grace of mental freedom and happiness that is a gift from God. 1 John 4:18 explains how fear works – There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. That means that fear is present and the driving force behind the devil’s only real “Weapon of Mass Destruction.” Yes, unless you first concede the loss in the mind, the war is not won. The mind game is the catalyst for every success or failure, where they are born, and determining if it gets to control your emotions or whether you arrest it, putting mental threats of violence to flight.

Because God is loving, he left every available tool for us to win, and to be honest, the only real war was won on Calvary when Jesus died for our sins; the rest is “Spiritual Semantics” that is the only real game the devil has left in his arsenal.

So how do you win the attack on the mind? Firstly peace dominates when we keep our mind on God. It is the one place that is off-limits to the warfare and stronghold of the enemies; solely because God’s presence forces darkness to flee.

Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you.

Resisting the temptation to engage thoughts of fear and the “what if” places you above the curve, and then clarifies the difference between reality and torment. 2 Timothy 1:7 – For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Understanding and recognizing the war on the mind doesn’t mean that the devil won’t attempt to force his way back into your thoughts, however, knowing how to “Dismiss” him and resisting his wicked attempts is how you refrain from ascribing to the one trick that has dominated the minds of God’s people since the beginning of time. Protect your mind, and you will undoubtedly protect your peace. It should be off-limits to any presence or enemy that seeks to steal the one trustworthy source of productivity that keeps us stable, productive, and peaceful.

Proverbs 15:15 (MSG)- A miserable heart means a miserable life; a cheerful heart fills the day with song.

Protect your mind; it’s where every success or failure is won or lost!

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  1. Never thought of fear this way. This will definitely change the way I look at it and react. Fear can be paralyzing and sometimes thats a good thing. But only rarely. Most times it is a thief.

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