How to get your Monday inspiration back!

Mondays… the day that everyone hates, even our minds and bodies have become accustomed to fighting to get in gear for the dreaded Monday take-off. Mondays are simply a day of the week that happens to be the beginning of a series of time slots. It’s no different than the days assigned to your street for trash pick-up, Taco Tuesdays, Wednesday office huddle, Thursday work out, Friday Happy Hour, Saturday Brunch, and Sunday Football. Our culture has lied to us, then segmented days, some that we are not supposed to look forward to, and others where we let our hair down to do as we please.

Monday’s learned culture has made us lazy, and because we have bought into the theory that Mondays are horrible, over time, our minds and bodies have embraced the apprehension that was taught by those before us. That concept is absorbed into our psyche, which becomes the psychology behind the lack of expectation of Mondays. After all, It’s not like it’s our birthright to disregard Mondays, wasting valuable time and effort. Every moment counts, and think about the conversations, study sessions, healthy debates, etc., that could have inspired your life’s vision had you not thrown away that one single moment in time called Monday?

Think about Monday as an opportunity to grow, expand, and be forward-thinking. Remember not to let your guard down; remembering that time is an essential element of success. Each Monday that you throw away is a wasted 52 days a year. Imagine what you can do with 52 days. That’s 1248 hours and 74,880 minutes. Time is precious, and for those who no longer have the freedom to use it, it’s considered treasure assets. Every Monday you disregard is thousands of minutes wasted and valuable time that you can’t account for.

Be the magnet that creates the pulling force of positivity, not the force of dread. Change your mindset about Mondays, and you will undoubtedly get a different outcome, contributing to yourself, those around you, and society in general.

Happy Monday!!

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