Friday Night Reprieve (Give your brain a break!)

Our brains were not intended to operate like Mack trucks. It’s a vulnerable organ that requires intermitted breaks. Although our brains are like sponges, they can only soak up so much information before it’s over-done, saturated with information overload, and begin to shut itself off involuntarily. If you don’t listen to your brain signaling that it needs a break, that can lead to poor mood, low performance, and poor attention span.

So it’s Friday evening, and what better time to take a load off and digress from life stresses. Make no mistake about it; you may be up and at it in an hour or two, but for now, give your mind, body, soul, and spirit a mini-vacay. NO math involved, just an hour in a quiet room with no television or chatter. Taking mental breaks doesn’t mean your brain has checked out, but it does cease processing.

According to Cleveland Clinic (Health essentials) –
That’s because some brain regions get more active when you aren’t focused on processing information. The best known of those brain areas is the default mode network (DMN).
The DMN seems to play an important role when you’re focusing attention inward rather than focusing on the external world. The DMN has been linked to things like ethics, memories, creativity, and how we define our sense of self.

“There’s some science to suggest that what our brains do when they’re not actively processing information is pretty important. “When we let our minds wander, it can be replenishing.”

God created the body to maintain control of life situations, and taking note of your body’s signal to take a time out is essential. Since life is mainly filled with unpredictability, the best way to control burnout is to turn off the brain’s hard work for a brief time to let it refresh and regenerate your spirit.

It’s Friday night, relax for an hour, read a book, listen to some soft music, meditate on God, and be grateful for your many blessings.

Proverbs 12:25

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.

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