Forgiveness is the door to healing your soul

For some, soul healing means seeing a therapist or taking anti-stress medication. For others, healing comes from support groups, meditation, or Yoga. There’s no magic formula to healing your soul, and many treating physicians have recommended all of the above, and sometimes your soul responds to those treatment methods, but what happens when your soul hits the reject button? While medicine and doctors are necessary for our healing, the spiritual aspect of your being (the soul) can’t be healed by using modern medicine alone. Soul healing comes from within and happens only when your soul cooperates with your desire to let go of whatever is bugging you, and accept your plight of not getting vengeance, or seeking the feeling that you must get your retribution. All it takes to begin the healing process is to forgive your enemies, to forgive those who you blame for your pain, those who you believe don’t deserve forgiveness, and finally to forgive yourself for not being perfect, and making poor choices. The secret to soul healing is to to “forgive”. The Apostle Peter asked Jesus how many times should I forgive my brother or sister who has sinned against me? Maybe seven times? Then Jesus answered, 70 times. Of course, that’s a lot of forgiving, but the concept is more about not holding back forgiveness, rather than the actual counting method. What Jesus meant was in perpetuity; forgive because it’s your only door to complete deliverance and peace. Even science has found that forgiveness was associated with reductions in stress, which ultimately helps to decrease mental and emotional heaviness. The science concept is simply God’s way of saying unforgiveness clogs your spiritual pipes, and because your soul was never designed to house unforgiveness in the first place, it will over time suffocate your peace, and minimize the fulness of your life’s perspective. Not to mention, unforgiveness is more about the person holding the grudge, than the reason you can’t forgive. That means that forgiveness is not limited to it being right or wrong, rather the forgive-er, refusing to allow the pain to subdue them by holding forgiveness hostage inside their fragile soul. Let go of the pain of unforgiveness that has asphyxiated your soul, and watch your life blossom right before your eyes. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God has forgiven you” Ephesians: 4:32. Most offenders are obtuse about the effects that their conduct has on those that they have hurt, so waiting around for their behavior to change, or for them to formally ask for your pardon, must not be a term of your forgiveness. You deserve more, and forgiveness provides that for you, and complete soul healing will only come through forgiveness, prayer and time.

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