Fear is everywhere!!

Happy Friday, and welcome to another day of opportunity. FEAR, has been said to mean many things, here are just a few…….






***The truth is FEAR results from either something you saw, something you heard, something you experienced, or something you expect to happen. In most cases FEAR isn’t even an eminent threat, and serves only to torment your mind. The Bible says that fear has to do with punishment (1 John 4:18), which simply means that the concept of FEAR is designed to do a few things; compromise your peace, make your mind unstable, and to weigh you down so that you can’t accomplish your goals. It’s like a mini-movie playing over and over in your head, that you can’t un-see!

The worst possible scenario is to embrace FEAR, and to ponder it for any length of time. Check your safety meter, and if there is no present, or future danger, then FEAR is bullying you and suffocating your purpose. Step outside the realm of FEAR by rejecting thoughts and imaginations that linger bringing heaviness and pain.

One simple way to recognize FEAR from reality, is understanding that the feelings of FEAR are always accompanied by incomplete thoughts, threats, or what-if’s. It makes no sense otherwise for your brain to give you mini-pictures and thoughts of random scenarios of versions of mysteries that will likely not even happen. It’s a trick that the devil uses to immobilize you and your inspiration.

Tame your thoughts of FEAR, by refusing to entertain them, and demolishing even the possibility that seeks to awaken any uncertainty and panic. Remember COURAGE strengthens, and FEAR weakens the soul.

FEAR-not was used over 80 times in the Bible, and rightfully so, it’s the devil’s weapon of choice.

Happy Friday, and Be Blessed!!!

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