Meet- your Alter Ego- “Gratitude”

I start every day with a sincere dedication of thanksgiving to God! Loving my life, although quite flawed, it is still filled with fun and laughter. Getting from one week to the next takes courage not to quit, and wisdom to understand that I am more fortunate than I realize. God, Family, friendship, career, and humanitarianism keeps me busy. At first glance it appears it’s all a dream, listening to the grim news reports of violent protest, murder, police brutality, racism, and bitterness; but after opening my eyes for just a few seconds, the realization becomes a reality. When the world is consumed by confusion, our heads are turned in that direction, against the grain of what’s natural, the quality of life, the loss of integrity and morality, and…away from GOD! Where has it gone, will it ever return? The answer lies within the hearts and minds of America, the World, and mankind. For me, just one single act of caring and love makes a difference. If I positively touch one life, I have made a difference. At least now there is one more human being in the world who has experienced God’s LOVE. Enjoy your week, and embrace your freedom and purpose, because you are alive today to tell of it!! Be Grateful!!

If you collected a million grains of sand over time it could build a wall to protect you in time of trouble. Even the sand has a purpose, be grateful!Graceson Ellison

Author: Discovering Prudence

Accepting the call of Christ to unapologetically teach the word of God!

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