Discovering God’s Purpose for your life

Your purpose is like a shadow, at first you appear to be just a faceless image following, but once God shifts you from behind rays of the sun, the repositioning is really him revealing your purpose.

Graceson Ellison

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3 (NKJV)

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delights in his way, Psalm 37:23

At first, your purpose can appear elusive, and difficult to discover, but believing that you have a God produced purpose gets you closer to connecting with the plan that God has chosen exclusively for you. Your purpose is a designation ordained by God, it is not a self-appointed determination, and fastening your faith in God through the word will reveal what your purpose is.

Think about God as the creator of your life’s user manual that provides the description, function capabilities, sequences, precautions, troubleshooting, assembly guide, and step by step directions on how to bring it all to fruition.

There is not a single day that doesn’t have a purpose, and God’s guide to your life’s design is not based on you being perfect or having a spotless past, it is based on his agenda to give you an expected end. Knowing how to get to your purpose, is just as important as discovering what it is.

If you were to use a bicycle manual to assemble a go-cart the outcome will never get the desired results. The go-cart will have bicycle like tendencies, and vice-versa, the bike will stall as it attempts to perform the assignment of the high powered go-cart. Thinking about this analogy gives you an excellent depiction of how specific God has detailed your life’s purpose.

There are countless personality tests, projective measures, type finders, and means tests that claim to connect you to your purpose, but they are flawed in that the divine purpose of God is missing from those equations. Those tests can be helpful, but even so are only a guide to helping you to bridge your talents, abilities, and skillsets to a particular area of specialty, or profession. God’s purpose however is the vital part of the puzzle that centers your life’s path, and without it, your ship sails without a destination, possibly running out of fuel before arriving at the ordained destiny, or even worse, abusing your gifts, talents, or yourself. Destination comes from the Latin word destinare, meaning to determine, appoint, choose, make firm, or fast. 

I have personally spent decades of my life on erroneous platforms, only to discover later in life that I was doing it in the wrong place, outside of God’s season, and with the wrong people. You may have heard that blending what you do well with the opportunity to do it means you have found your purpose, but that is only partially true. God’s sovereignty can very well use what people consider your weakness to create new autonomies aligning his purpose for your life through your obedience with or without what is deemed to be your obvious talents. All that means is just because you are athletically sound doesn’t mean you were ordained to be a professional athlete, no more than you having an aesthetically structured face and body means you were destined to be a model.

Although God can use any such potentials, capabilities, or skills for his glory, the cardinal reason you were created is restricted to his will for your life and not a preconceived notion of what well-meaning people have told you is your calling.

Not to worry, God’s plan for your life will be fulfilling, inspiring, rewarding, and incredibly compelling. God is the master architect and does it better than the human mind can conceive, customizing your purpose to load you up with benefits, happiness, and prosperity.

Getting to your purpose requires the following:

  • Committing your life to Christ
  • Studying the scriptures daily
  • Connecting with balanced believers and friends
  • Sustaining a life of worship and prayer
  • Fellowshipping with a Faith and Bible based local church
  • Being consistent, diligent, and fundamentally sound in your faith
  • Remaining open to the map that God has designed for your life

The above are germane to discovering your God-designed purpose and are the catalyst to the success of everything you do in life. Remember, the people that you spend most of your time with will inevitably impact the outcome of the triumphs, so choose them well.

Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 2:17.

Be not deceived: evil communications will corrupt your good manners. 1 Corinthians 15:33

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